Solingen is a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is located on the northern edge of the region called Bergisches Land, south of the Ruhr area. Population: 163.923 (2005).

Solingen is called the "town of blades", since it is known for the manufacturing of knives and scissors. In medieval times the swordsmiths of Solingen coined the town's image, which is preserved to date. 90% of German knives are produced in Solingen.

What makes a Solingen kitchen knife special?
The Knives of Solingen, Germany are known world wide for their quality, design and attention to detail. 
CONSTRUCTION: Each Solingen knife is made from a single piece of steel, hand forged, hand ground and hand sharpened. The one piece full tang construction gives each knife outstanding strength, durability and balance.
STEEL: Solingen knives are made of X50CrMoV15 high carbon surgical stainless steel, which is regarded as one of the finest steels used in making kitchen cutlery. Each blade is ice-tempered for enhanced hardness, strength and edge holding ability.
HANDLES: Solingen knives feature high impact synthetic handles that are riveted to the tang for tremendous durability. They are water resistant and dishwasher safe.
PRICING: Solingen knives cost at least 25-40% less than other forged German cutlery (Ronco knife). Because we act as the importer of this fine cutlery, there are no middlemen or hidden costs transferred to you. This way, we can offer you this outstanding kitchen cutlery at extraordinary value.
WARRANTY: Solingen knives are backed by a full, lifetime warranty that covers defects in workmanship and materials.

World Wide Web became popular, site operators frequently wished to have memorable addresses, regardless of whether they fit properly in the structure; thus, since the .com domain was the most popular and memorable, even noncommercial sites would often get addresses under it, and sites of all sorts wished to have second-level domain registrations even if they were parts of a larger entity where a logical subdomain would have made sense (e.g., abcnews.com instead of news.abc.com). A Web site found at http://www.example.org will often be advertised without the "http://", and in most cases can be reached by just entering "example.org" into a Web browser. In the case of a .com, the Web site can sometimes be reached by just entering "example" (depending on browser versions and configuration settings, which vary in how they interpret incomplete addresses).

The popularity of domain names also led to uses which were regarded as abusive by established companies with trademark rights; this was known as cybersquatting, in which somebody took a name that resembled a trademark in order to profit from traffic to that address. To combat this, various laws and policies were enacted to allow abusive registrations to be forcibly transferred, but these were sometimes themselves abused by overzealous companies committing reverse domain hijacking against domain users who had legitimate grounds to hold their names, such as their being generic words as well as trademarks in a particular context, or their use in the context of fan or protest sites with free speech rights of their own.

Laws that specifically address domain name conflicts include the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act in the United States and the Trademarks Act, 1999, in India. Alternatively, domain registrants are bound by contract under the UDRP to comply with mandatory arbitration proceedings should someone challenge their ownership of the domain name.

An economic effect of the widespread usage of domain names has been the resale market for generic domain names that has sprung up in the last decade. Certain domains, especially those related to business, gambling, pornography, and other commercially lucrative fields of digital world trade have become very much in demand to corporations and entrepreneurs due to their intrinsic value in attracting clients. The most expensive Internet domain name to date, according to Guinness World Records, is business.com which was resold in 1999 for $7.5 million, but this was $7.5 million in stock options, not in cash. Later the stock was valued at, not sold, for $2 million and may even be worth less today Newsweek [1]. There are disputes about the high values of domain names claimed and the actual prices of many sales.

Another high value domain name, sex.com, was stolen from its rightful owner by means of a forged transfer instruction via fax. During the height of the dot-com era, the domain was earning millions of dollars per month in advertising revenue from the large influx of visitors that arrived daily. Two long-running U.S. lawsuits resulted, one against the thief and one against the domain registrar VeriSign[2]. In one of the cases, Kremen v. Network Solutions, the court found in favor of the plaintiff, leading to an unprecedented ruling that classified domain names as property, granting them the same legal protections. In 1999, Microsoft traded the valuable name Bob.com with internet entrepreneur Bob Kerstein for the name Windows2000.com which was the name of their new operating system.[3]

One of the reasons for the value of domain names is that even without advertising or marketing, they attract clients seeking services and products who simply type in the generic name. Furthermore, generic domain names such as movies.com or Books.com are extremely easy for potential customers to remember, increasing the probability that they become repeat customers or regular clients.

Although the current domain market is nowhere as strong as it was during the dot-com heyday, it remains strong and is currently experiencing solid growth again. Annually tens of millions of dollars change hands due to the resale of domains. Large numbers of registered domain names lapse and are deleted each year. On average 25,000 domain names drop (are deleted) every day.

People who buy and sell domain names are known as domainers.

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